Manage people flows with an effective deterrent against theft

Retailers are in a continual competiton to provide customers with a shopping experience that is convenient, safe and rewarding. But their locations must also be secure, with effective ways to deter would-be thieves from taking advantage of the open doors and warm welcome.

Gunnebo Entrance Control delivers attractive gate solutions which give customers the freedom they desire while providing an effective barrier to theft. Supporting retailers in protecting their stock from shrinkage while customers can enjoy shopping in a relaxed, engaged frame of mind and fully appreciate your in-store displays and branding with less distraction.


Fast, flexible access control

Reduced shrinkage from theft

Customer traffic insights

Happy customers

Minimal footprint

Complementary design

Essential features

Discreet design

With their minimal footprint, our entrance controls blend with shop interior.

One-way traffic control

Built-in wrong-way detection prevents thieves from running in and out the same way.

The right product in the right place

Automatic gates

Mechanical gates

4-Arms turnstiles

If you have big problems preventing goods from being stolen, I would recommend Gunnebo gates. They create security for staff and customers alike.

Mats Larsson, Managing Director

ICA Maxi Lindhagen


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