SlimStile EV

Best tripod security performance

SlimStile EV is an easy to install, tripod turnstile for internal or external use.

The Stainless Steel and aluminium construction is robust and reliable, the fast action allows a high flow rate of 40 passages per minute and it can be set to open one way only or in both directions.

SlimStile EV

Compact & cost-effective

Well-designed, two-legged casework made of stainless steel, ideal for sites where robustness is required as a result of large flows of people. A 316 grade stainless steel and outdoor version is available, IP44. A double version is also available.

Features and benefits

High flow rate

Improves efficiency, increases throughput with up to 40 passages per minute

Electro-Mechanical Head Mechanism

Positive locking action for one passage at a time and a self-centering mechanism to allow smooth rotation into the home position

Robust and reliable

Suitable for covered outdoor use such as sports stadiums

Key Specifications

High flow rate of up to 40 passages per minute.

Alarmed Tripod Turnstile (ATT) option offers detection of crawling underneath and over tripod arm.

Alarmed Tripod Turnstile – Improper Transit Control (ATT-ITC) option offers detection of crawling underneath and over tripod arm, climbing on to cabinet and detection of false transit attempt.

Single Person Detection option offers detection of two people passing through in the same sector.

Electro-mechanical mechanism increases user safety.

High reliability (More than 10mil MCBF) and stainless steel construction allowing years of reliable use in high traffic areas.

Drop arm option on power failure and receipt of specific signal allowing the arm to drop and create a passage for evacuation.

Suitable for a wide range of reader devices.

IP44 rated for internal and external use.

Electro mechanical counter option monitoring the number of passages.


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