Motorised swing gates with detection for shop entrances

Efficient in highlighting fraudulent transit attempts and the presence of customers in its detecting area. OverGate can be configured as single, double, “tandem” or normally open. Compliant with safety regulations and 95% recyclable. Powder coating (double coated) matt black colour.

Third-party verified EPD for motorised swing-open gates

OverGate with tubular arm

Robust, single arm motorised swing gate

OverGate with radar

Motorised swing gate with sensors for opening detection

OverGate with photocells

Motorised swing gate with detection sensors and visual LED cues

OverGate Panel

Fast and safe swing gate equipped with detection algorithms



  • Motorised bi-directional passage
  • IP rating 21
  • Complies with CE marking
  • Torque limiter joint
  • 80W rated absorption

Anti panic mechanism

  • If the arm is powered and closed, it can be forced into opening with a push. The alarm signal is immediately activated and the arm automatically returns to closed position.

Power failure

  • In the event of a power failure, the arm is free to move. When power returns, if the arm has been moved from its closed position, it will automatically return to closed position.


  • In the event of accidental impact with people or things, a high locking torque will immediately stop the motor.

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