Robust and cost effective theft reduction

Economical and efficient, four arm horizontal turnstiles offer an affordable option of theft reduction, access control and incorporates aesthetic requirements. The turnstiles are equipped with an anti-panic device that, when pushed, allows the reversal of the motor arm rotation.

Third-party verified EPD for motorised swing-open gates


Equipped with a double safety system, effortlessly control reverse rotation and ensure emergency transit for both people and objects. Elevate safety measures with our innovative device, seamlessly releasing the cart passageway for optimised control and utmost security.



  • Bidirectional passage
  • Manual push mechanism
  • IP rating 31

Anti panic mechanism

  • If the turnstile is closed it remains closed and can be opened only manually via the anti-panic mechanism forcibly unhooking the turnstile itself from the fixing support on the floor, without lifting the turnstile, and allowing it to rotate in the exit direction

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