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Fare checking and passenger control gates

Transport infrastructures face a future of increased demand with a need to become more efficient and sustainable. As volumes of travellers grow, carriers will have to innovate to manage the flow of crowds within their facilities, streamline payment and access, develop and refine new security strategies, and deliver the very best possible experience to all their customers.

Gunnebo Entrance Control provides a complete range of advanced speed gates and passenger turnstiles providing flexibility in function and design for safe, speedy and seamless passenger movement.

From metro to air, transport providers have to deal with the constant issues of unauthorised and fraudulent access. These are a cost burden on the operator, as well as presenting a security risk to other travellers. Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions solutions provide innovative technology to identify potential breaches and fraudulent access attempts. Helping to keep even the busiest transport hub flowing as intended, and minimising disruption to others.

With stylish design in depth and a total approach to quality throughout their manufacture, Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions are the stylish way to automate passenger movement and crowd safety. And with our focus on lower energy consumption with extended working lifecycles, travel operators can discover new ways to bring sustainability to their operations.

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Read how Metro Barcelona selected Gunnebo Entrance Control speed gates for a more flexible and remotely manageable approach to access control at their most recent station. 


Metro Barcelona

IT Awarded ISO 27001

IT Awarded ISO 27001

Gunnebo Entrance Control has been awarded ISO 27001 Certification, bolstering our commitment to Information...