A sophisticated full-height turnstile featuring
power-assisted movement and three rotor elements

Equipped with sensors for non-passage zones and an optional Anti-Piggybacking (APB) detection, it offers secure access control. Available in 1500 and 1800mm diameters, RevoLite allows easy configuration through a user-friendly interface and can be delivered fully assembled or in kit form for flexible installation.

Power Assisted Full-Height Turnstile for Internal Installation

Elegant and transparent full-height turnstile with power-assisted movement and three (120°) rotor elements

Key Specifications

Push to go power-assisted movement with three (120°) rotor elements.

Sensors in the non passage zone detect and prevent passage by reversing the direction of movement to force the unauthorised user to exit.

With optional anti-piggybacking detection when more than one person attempt to pass together, the rotor stops and reverses to reject users .

Available in 1500 and 1800mm diameters and also available with an extended passage height.

Configuration of parameters and functionality is carried out via a user friendly graphical interface via PC or optional tablet.

Delivered either fully assembled or in kit form and installed directly to finished floor level.

In the event of an emergency or power-off scenario, the unit can be configured fail-safe i.e. rotor freely rotates or fail-lock i.e. rotor locks.


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