Museum and gallery

Entrance control for high value public attractions

From fine art to how our ancestors lived and worked, museums and galleries offer a unique experience for visitors to enjoy and learn. They are places where visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in the displays, to discover unique insights and develop their passion for chosen interests.

For any museum or gallery, Entrance controls need to allow the public easy access to the exhibits, shops and cafes within the facility. They also need to provide robust protection for the high-value items on display, and discourage unauthorised attempts to enter by those with malicious intent.

Gunnebo Entrance Control automated entrance gates provide a high level of security and crowd management. Keeping visitors, staff and precious exhibits safe and secure, with designs that blend effortlessly into the built environment.


Smoother process management

Improved cost efficiency

Reduced staffing requirements

Happy customers and staff

More customer time in shops and cafes

Remote control from anywhere

The right product in the right place

Revolving doors

Revolving doors enable the whole building to be closed off in an emergency.

Speed gates

Speed gates control the secure access of staff and visitors through reception.


Effective, visible and manageable  control of visitors to your museum or gallery. 

Retail Gates

Retail gates provide a simple, unobstrusive anti-theft barrier for hospital shops.

Entrance gates

Security entrance gates are ideal for buildings where style and design are important.

Egeskov Castle in Denmark uses speed gates to combine access control and ticket validation solution for better visitor experience and lower administrative costs.

IT Awarded ISO 27001

IT Awarded ISO 27001

Gunnebo Entrance Control has been awarded ISO 27001 Certification, bolstering our commitment to Information...