SpeedStile FLs Max

Flap leaf speed gate for internal installation

SpeedStile FLS is a speed gate that comes in a selection of cabinet lengths and widths.

The SpeedStile range is highly customisable to the surrounding environment with materials and finishes without compromising on security.

The right product in the right place

SpeedStile FLs

SpeedStile BP

SpeedStile FL

Key Specifications

Customisable materials and finishes. E.g. Stainless Steel, glass lids. And option for square/rounded end lids to suit aesthetic preference.

Dynamic lights and enhanced audio for more intuitive use and improved user experience.

Different heights of glass available to provide increased security with high glass if required.

Configurable lane widths optimise space usage as well as provide the clear passageway for different user types.

Well proven fraud detection algorithms with the ability to detect unauthorised users and attempt to stop them.

Wheelchair detection improves the experience for users in wheelchairs.

Ability to adapt the gate behaviour to the user type to optimise the flow and user experience for different users whilst maintaining security.


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