Service offering

The professional approach to caring for your Gunnebo Entrance Control solution

When you choose a Gunnebo Entrance Control solution, you are making an investment in the safety and security of your people and your assets.

With our professional services you can ensure you have an entrance control that works for years to come. With a range of services covering every stage of the lifeycle of your gate, booth or turnstile, your entrance control solution will deliver optimum performance – even in the most demanding circumstances


Our lifecycle care services


Delivering assurance and peace of mind for your entrance control solution

Upgrades & Retrofits

Extending your solution lifecycle to keep it at the heart of your access control policies



Ensure your entrance control solution performs to the highest standards – when you need it most.

Extend your solution lifecycle

With care by the best trained engineers and support teams, you can drive down the cost of ownership of your solution.

Reduce downtime

Tailored preventative maintenance agreements reduce unexpected issues impacting on your entrance control solution.


Where legislation demands professional maintenance planning, we’re here to help devise the optimum plan for your operation.

Protect your brand

Avoid irate users unable to negotiate a faulty gate or turnstile – and blaming your brand in the process.


Keeping your entrance control solution working for longer reduces the frequency of replacement and thus carbon emissions.