Upgrades & Retrofits

Extending the lifecycle of your Gunnebo Entrance Control Solutions

Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions are designed to the highest standards. Ensuring your built environment provides efficient and smooth people flow for many years to come.

To help continue their support of your access control policies, our range of gates, booths and turnstiles can be given an even longer life courtesy of our upgrades and retrofits.

Upgrading is often more cost-effective than a full replacement. It allows you to enhance the performance or capabilities of your existing system without the need to invest in an entirely new security system.



Make your investment in Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions last even longer – and deliver an even better return over the period

Extend service life

With a range of quality-assured updates and fully tested retrofits, your entrance control solutions can continue to provide excellent service for longer


Keeping your solution fully functional extends the service life – reducing the frequency of waste and in turn promoting environmental sustainability

Gunnebo’s bespoke upgrade solutions can usually be implemented more smoothly compared to product replacement, causing less disruption to our customers ongoing operations.

Electro-mechanical upgrading allows you to maintain compatibility with existing access systems, software, and infrastructure. This can be crucial in situations where a complete replacement would require extensive adjustments to other interconnected components and avoiding costly civil works.

Extending the life of existing products through upgrades can contribute to sustainability by reducing the need for manufacturing new products and disposing of old ones.

Upgrading allows for targeted improvements based on specific needs. You can choose to upgrade control components, any features that are outdated or need just an aesthetics refresh.