Data centre

Securing high value information with robust entrance controls

With so much of our working and personal lives online, the need to protect sensitive information from theft or attack has never been greater. A multi-layered approach to security is required to safeguard access both down the wire and in person. But this must be balanced with the need for staff and expert technicians to access the facility to ensure the data centre remains available to users.

Gunnebo Entrance Control is the world’s leading specialist in entrance control solutions for data centres. We are dedicated to helping data centre operators provide the highest levels of business continuity to their customers. Our tailored range of entrance control solutions ensure data centres can safeguard against unauthorised access to any area of the property – keeping customer information and staff safe.


Full protection of data and hardware

Access control tailored to each area

High security where it matters most

Happy employees

Easy movement around non-sensitive areas

Reduced need for security personnel

The right product in the right place

Revolving doors

Revolving doors enable the whole building to be closed off in an emergency.

Speed gates

Speed gates control the secure access of staff and visitors through reception.


Full height turnstiles provide robust control of access deeper into the building.

Security portals

Portals control the passage of accredited personnel only into highly sensitive areas.

Case Study

Australia’s leading independent data centre operator chose Gunnebo Entrance Control to help deliver increased protection against data security threats 

IT Awarded ISO 27001

IT Awarded ISO 27001

Gunnebo Entrance Control has been awarded ISO 27001 Certification, bolstering our commitment to Information...