SpeedStile FL

Securing your building with style

Elegant speed gates combining an effective barrier with a high flow rate

Balancing Speed, Security and Design

Increase flow

Allows continuous passage of up to 40 people per minute

Reduce risk

Unique detection algorithm prevents fraudulent entry with greater user safety

Achieve Visual Harmony

Sleek and tranparent design gives a contemporary look, well suited to modern offices and public buildings

Employee acceptance of security turnstiles and how the technology integrates with existing systems as well as possible future developments, are essential considerations when deciding on the right speed gate for the reception area you want to secure.

Technology is changing fast. Artificial Intelligence, facial recognition and biometric access control are likely to change how offices are secured in the short to medium term. Therefore security turnstiles need to be adaptable to new technologies to ensure they are future-proof. For employees, security turnstiles are something that they must pass through every day, so it is vital that they are designed to be unobtrusive and user-friendly in order to reduce hesitation from users and prevent queues.

Entrance control systems are an essential part of any commercial building so they must be reliable, easy to use and secure. Our SpeedStile FL model was designed to embody these qualities, as well as being sleek and aesthetically refined.

Our speed gates rise to and meet these challenges head-on, offering a perfect combination of speed, security and modern design.

User-friendly design

The transparent design preserves natural light and reduces the perceived barrier effect, while the gate panels swing open in the direction of passage creating a welcome gesture.

This increases acceptance from users, reducing hesitation and maintaining flow.

Ergonomic Features

Optional way-mode indicators and pictogram to visually confirm or deny passage.

For optional user experience dynamic passage lighting is available to clearly guide users through the SpeedStile.

Tailored Security

The stainless steel cabinets are available in standard (600mm) and wide (900mm) lane widths, to accommodate different user requirements. 

The flap panels are available in heights of 1.0m, 1.2m or 1.8m to provide increasing levels of security as required.

Key Specifications

Well proven fraud detection algorithms with the ability to detect unauthorised users and attempt to stop them.

Climb on and over detection option.

Suitable for a wide range of reader devices.

Bi-directional passage allows the gate to be used for entry and exit.

Different heights of glass available to provide increased security with high glass if required.

Sleek and transparent design made of glass and stainless steel.

Configurable lane widths optimise space usage as well as provide the clear passageway for different user types.

Illuminated symbols allow users to visually identify the status of the lane.

Customisable materials and finishes. E.g. Aluminium, Stainless Steel top lids. As well as powder coated finish.

Minimal footprint optimises space available for additional lanes.


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