GlasStile S

Motorised entrance gate for internal installation

GlasStile S is an internal security entrance gate comprising a steel column with single glass leaf, which opens with a smooth motorised action.

Easy to install in any building reception area without taking up valuable space or compromising the aesthetic. GlasStile S consists of a grained stainless steel column with one glass leaf.

A wide selection of glass dimensions and styles is available to create a two-leaf passage or match with the design of the SpeedStile product range.

Features and benefits

Optimised experience

Optimise the flow and user experience for different users whilst maintaining security

Low visual impact

Highly transparent with a small footprint to reduce visual impact and avoid blind spots for security/reception personnel

Tandem operation

Tandem option optimises space usage as well as provide wider passage widths

Key Specifications

Bi-directional passage allows the gate to be used for entry and exit.

150mm gap between the bottom of the wings and the floor prevents people being able to crawl under the wings.

Configurable passage widths up to 2 metres with 1800mm high panels.

Tandem operation allows for fastest open/close time.

Passage indication light visually indicates to user how to proceed through the passage.

Audible alarm alerts staff to fraud conditions.

Wing closes after a completed passage instead of a time out which allows higher security and enables passage confirmation signal option.

Not audibly intrusive as operates at a low noise level.


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