HiSec² HS90L

Third party rated high security booth

HiSec² LPS series is independently tested and certified to LPS 1175 Issue 8 C5 (SR3) rating, featuring a transparent design with various security levels to prevent tailgating and piggybacking. Available in different sizes to suit installation needs.

Safety Features

HiSec² HS90L has electronic safety features that automatically reverse the motor to reopen the door when an obstruction is detected. After the obstruction is cleared, the door then attempts to reclose.

Single Person Detection

Portals include single person detection, only allowing the passage of one authorised person at a time. When an authorised user stands in the portal, it confirms acceptance and the exit door will open. If the portal identifies more than one person, the entry door reopens, and audibly requests the occupants leave.

Safe and robust

The turnstile prevents unauthorised transit in the opposite direction with an anti-reverse rotation and an automatic self-centering rotor

LPS Certified

The HiSec2 LPS range portals are certified to loss prevention product standards, a globally recognised and trusted benchmark of resistance and unauthorised access for high security environments.

These products have been independently and rigorously tested under strict conditions by BRE Global Governing Body to withstand intruder threat and attack, and have hereby successfully met the resistance and delay requirements appropriate to the level of certification.

This standard identifies that the evaluation and testing practices undertaken by LPCB confirm that:

  • The product or service meets the standard;
  • The manufacturer or service provider has staff, processes and systems in place to ensure that the product or service delivered meets the standard.

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