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Sustainability at Gunnebo

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Our business

Our business

Gunnebo has an ethical approach to doing business. We’re committed to strong governance and working with our suppliers to build a sustainable supply chain. We are responsible for the data security of our customers and employees and prioritise transparent communications.

Our people

Our people

People are the heart of our business, so we ensure their wellbeing and safety in everything we do. We support the development of our employees and engage with our diverse local communities.

Our impact

Our impact

We strive to reduce our environmental impact as a business that optimises the use of material, water and chemicals and which looks to minimise waste.

The journey to net zero emissions by 2045

At Gunnebo Entrance Control, we’re committed to taking action to empower our people, be a leading ethical business and aim to reach net zero emissions by 2045.

Our latest news

See how Gunnebo Entrance Control is taking action for sustainability with our latest news updates.

Keeping it clear on sustainability

We’ve created our Sustainability A-Z, so you know exactly what we mean when we’re talking about our actions on business, people and the planet.

The Sustainability A-Z is a great source of definitions for you, and includes international terminology from bodies like the GRI and ICC.  Read more about our drive to be clear about sustainability and download your copy of our A-Z guide below.

Accelerating emissions reduction through SBTi

We’ve already begun our emissions reduction journey through the targets set out in Our Impact of Gunnebo’s Sustainability Approach. Our journey to lower impact has now been accelerated by the group’s commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Through this we will be setting near-term and long-term reduction targets to achieve net zero by 2045.

Driving towards a sustainable fleet

Over the last five years, we’ve transitioned to a more fuel-efficient fleet and optimised management to minimise mileage and reduce time spent in traffic. These improvements have led to an 8-13% reduction in CO2 emissions per vehicle per year.

The introduction of on-demand stock holding has also optimised efficiency and reduced load. Already complying with ULEZ standards, our current fleet will be transitioned as advances in the EV market allow us to overcome cost and distance challenges.

Dedicated to sustainability

Our global marketing and sustainability director, Tina Hughan, works closely with sustainability officer, Kelsey Parsons, to ensure that Gunnebo Entrance Control stays on track with its commitment to reducing current levels of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in 2024.

The team is also responsible for keeping our employees engaged and informed on how we are taking action to live up to our promise of becoming a business that’s climate neutral.

Solutions for a safer world

Our products are designed to help you create safer spaces. Controlling access without restricting accessibility, we manufacture high-quality passage barriers and detection systems. Using technology to improve safety and user experience, we are the world’s leading specialist in entrance security, speed gates and turnstiles.

Welcome in Cyclists with our Secure Bicycle Booth

Bicycles are a great way to get to work and with an improving network in a lot of cities, this healthy way to travel is growing. This bespoke solution welcomes cyclist into your building, giving easy access and a secure place to store bicycles. Combining engineering with advanced technology, Bicycle Booth features a detection system to improve access and security. It can also provide accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

Third-party verified EPD for motorised swing-open gates

Proven Environmental Performance with SpeedStile FLs BA1200

Our SpeedStile FLs BA1200 is a motorised swing-open gate for automatic access control. With a slim and elegant design, it is a fast and efficient way to improve safety and security. SpeedStile FLs BA1200 now has an independently verified EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) available. The EPD is based on a cradle to grave life cycle analysis with a product life of 10-years.

Want to know more about sustainability at Gunnebo?

From committing to SBTi targets to developing a new concrete that has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions, Gunnebo is on a mission to create safer world for society as a whole. Through measuring its impact on the climate, energy and resources, Gunnebo aims to meet ambitious, science-based emissions reduction targets.

Seen something that worries you?

We aim to be a trustworthy leader in sustainable business and be open and fair in our communications, so we have a complaints procedure for anything that you might see as misleading. If you have any concerns about what you have read, use the form to register your concern.