Motorised security portal for internal or semi-external installation

Portals double down on entrance control for higher risk sites with unmanned, entirely automated, sequentially opening gates that provide a visual and physical deterrent to fraudulent entry. They can also be optioned with attack, blast and ballistic resistance for extra security.

Our product range

High-security entrance portal featuring smart curved glass doors and a smooth motorised action.

HiSec² 6

HiSec² 7

HiSec² 9

HiSec² 10

Features and benefits

Wide range of diameters

Adaptable to installation dimensional constraints with different passage widths available for different user requirements

User safety

Complies with regulatory safety standards EN16005

Detection algorithms

Options including NCI Single Person Detection, Ultrasound Single Person Detection prevent piggybacking

Features and benefits

Overall Size (mm)Clear Passage (mm)RoundRound 2 doorSquareHalf
HiSec2 61050 x 1050600xxx 
Hisec2 6 Twin1800 x 1050600x x 
Hisec2 71150 x 1150700xxx 
HiSec 91500 x 1500900xxxx
HiSec 101800 x 18001050 x 
  • Square and round versions available
  • HiSec2 10 has 1500mm internal diameter suitable for wheelchair turning circle regulations

Key Specifications

Contactless entry and exit for the user whilst maintaining a physical barrier between secure and insecure areas throughout user transit.

Surface mounted eliminates the need for disturbing existing flooring.

Prevents piggybacking by stopping and reversing to reject users.

Configurable passage and cornice heights allowing HiSec² to be adaptable to installation dimensional constraints.

Complies with EN 16005 regulatory safety standards.

LED passage down lights as standard to illuminate passage when in use.

Adaptable to installation dimension constraints with a wide range of diameters available (HiSec², 6, 7, 9, 10).


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