Sea Ports 

Delivering secure boarding and border control at sea ports

With sea ports having to compete with airports for international passenger traffic, the customer experience has to be just as slick and user-friendly, while maintaining the high level of security required of a border crossing.

Gunnebo Entrance Control provide flexible, intuitive and secure access control capabilities to support your strategy in border control. Solution come with optons to tailor closely with building design, helping to bring an high element of style to the boarding and disembarking processes.


Smoother process management

Improved cost-efficiency

Reduced staffing requirements

Happy customers

Minimised queuing

More passenger shopping time

The right product in the right place


Gunnebo PreSec gates range accelerates the inspection of valid boarding passes to allow passengers through to Departure areas.

PreSec gates feature scanners to read any form of boarding pass quickly and reliably, and can process paperwork printed at home, from the port check-in kiosk or in pixel format presented on a smart phone.

Lounge access

Where you provide private lounges for  selected passengers, Gunnebo Lounge Access gates will scan an authenticate all the necessary documents, such as boarding pass and frequent traveller cards.

You can also connect your Liunge Access gates to passenger platform of the respective carrier or lounge operator, providing a smooth and effortless experience to the user.


Gunnebo BoardSec automated gates free up valuable time and resource of port staff through enabling passengers to validate their own boarding passes.

As with a manual BGR, confirmation from the elevant carrier is received within milliseconds. Once authenticated the gate will allow access for the passenger to being their jorney to board a vessel.

Border control

Gunnebo ImmSec immigration gates automate border checks, with a highly accurate identification reader to deliver fast inspection without compromising your security strategy.

Whee appropriate to government legislation, ImmSec gives you the option to integrate your immigration control with readers for smart ID cards, MRTDs and RFID passports, as well as biometric capture technology.


As passengers arrive at their destination port, the Gunnebo PasSec gate range controls the flow of people. Helping them to move from secure to non-secure areas safely and efficiently.

The PasSec gate range enables fast flow of high passenger volumes and actively prevents indidividuals from making return journeys back into or from customs controlled areas.

We have achieved a more uniform, fast and efficient passenger flow while ensuring security.

Jan Skov – Head of Security

Billund Airport

IT Awarded ISO 27001

IT Awarded ISO 27001

Gunnebo Entrance Control has been awarded ISO 27001 Certification, bolstering our commitment to Information...