Full Panel Gate

High security fare collection

Fast and smooth mechanism with sliding glass panels allowing up to 60 passages per minute.

Automated fare collection

Ticketing solution

Automated fare collection for metro, bus and train networks

Fast and Secure

High passenger throughput with accurate prevention of fraudulent entry

Robust and durable

Stainless steel cabinet construction and sliding tempered glass panels

Mode of Operation

  • Controllable via interface connection to AFC control system.

  • On receiving a signal from the AFC control system, or remote control, the flap leaves open (Normally Closed NC).

  • If an unauthorised person tries to tailgate or attempts to enter from the opposite direction, the internal alarm system is activated.

  • If within the pre-set timeout no passage has occurred, the flaps will close and reset.

Security features

• High-Performance Fraud Detection through sophisticated and proven algorithm

• Strategically concealed 16x TX and RX infrared photocell arrays

• More than 40 different passage scenarios handled

  • Intrusion
  • Tailgating
  • Piggybacking
  • Wrong way direction
  • Leave aisle timeout
  • Anti-crawling flap leaf barrier
  • Passenger with a hand carried luggage
  • Passenger with wheeled trolley luggage)

Safety features

• Safety force sensing 
• Safety rubber edges
• Accurate presence sensing
• Emitter/receiver infrared sensors technology
• Logic voltage 24 VA
• Voltage free contact input for Fire Alarm fail state
• Fail-Safe manual push opening
• Fail-Safe via battery back-up opening (option)
• Wide walkway for wheel chair or child passage management

Key Specifications

Automated fare collection for metro, bus and train networks.

High-Performance Fraud Detection through sophisticated and proven algorithm.

Wrong-way detection algorithms will promptly trigger alarms upon detecting any attempt
to proceed in the wrong direction.

Anti-piggybacking algorithms will activate alarms if more than one person attempts to pass through.

Elliptical design giving the barrier an elegant, lighter and user-friendly appearance.

Stacking Option allows passengers to badge directly one after the other, and gates does not need to close between them. (Up to 8 stacked transactions).

Wide walkway for wheel chair or easier access.


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