Retail Gates

Effective anti-theft barriers and turnstiles for shop entrances

Our ECO range specialises in the production and customisation of products for the retail sector. Mechanical and automatic motorised gates equipped with related accessories, revolving doors, security revolving doors, interlocked doors and turnstiles offer a cost-effective and simple barrier to dissuade thieves and guide and control the flow of shoppers into the store.

Automatic Gates – OverGate

Robust, Bi-directional motorised Entrance Gates with detection and counter options. Automatic gates allow authorised entrance, detect frauds and attempt exits of shoplifters by activating alarms and closing arms.

Mechanical Gates

A range of Mechanical Gates, Emergency Exits and gates for the management of cashier lanes that are fully integrated, robust and easy to use. Mechanical gates are an economical alternative to automatic gates designed for access control in retail outlets that limit theft.

4-Arms Turnstiles – TurnOGate

Economical and efficient, four arm horizontal turnstiles offer an affordable option of theft reduction, access control and incorporates aesthetic requirements. The turnstiles are equipped with an anti-panic device that, when pushed, allows the reversal of the motor arm rotation. 


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