Become a master of your entrance control strategy

Gunnebo EntraLinq app provides full control of your Gunnebo product from anywhere, no matter if on site or on the move. The intuitive app runs on smartphones, tablets or through a web browser and connects to any Gunnebo product connected to its cloud.

Our Offer

Gunnebo EntraLinq offers two packages to cater to varying user needs. The first, ‘EntraLinq Essentials,’ provides essential functionalities and is offered as a complimentary package, allowing users to enjoy basic control and monitoring features. For an enhanced and comprehensive experience, Gunnebo presents ‘EntraLinq Plus,’ a premium package. EntraLinq Plus extends the app’s capabilities, offering advanced features and a heightened level of control over Gunnebo products, making it a valuable investment for users with more extensive requirements.

EntraLinq Essentials

EntraLinq Essentials offers a bundle of essential features suitable for delivering fundamental remote control capabilities, instantaneous process statistics, and dynamic health status updates for all linked gates. 

The system accommodates the creation of a maximum of five users, each with customisable access levels governed by three distinct user roles: Owner, Admin, and Staff. The functionalities encompass basic remote control for all interconnected gates, real-time tracking of passage data and fraud alarms, as well as continuous monitoring of the operational well-being of connected lanes.


  • Manually grant single passages in entry or exit direction through any gate.
  • Change the lane mode (free/controlled/locked) independently in each direction for one gate or multiple gates simultaneously.
  • See a high-level health status indication for all connected gates.
  • Receive live status information (Ok/Technical Alarm/Offline) for each connected gate.
  • Monitor and view technical alarms from all connected gates in real-time.
  • Access the daily accumulated count of technical alarms for each bank of gates (auto-resets at midnight).
  • View live (near real-time) counting of passages from all connected gates.
  • Check daily accumulated passage count (auto-resets at midnight) for each bank of gates.
  • View live (near real-time) counting of fraud alarms from all connected gates.
  • Check daily accumulated

EntraLinq Plus

EntraLinq Plus is for those who opt for the full package. It includes no restrictions on user roles, user capacity or connected gates. Perfect for those who want complete access in one subscription. EntraLinq Plus offers an advanced level of remote features that enables more efficient and enhanced operational oversight by allowing a heightened level of command.

The high level health monitoring aspect proves invaluable for technicians, facilitating on-site observation of gate health, functionality, and overall operational performance. Additionally, will allow live health status and type of technical alarm if the gate is out of order. It encompasses real-time process statistics and live health status updates for all linked gates, furnishing comprehensive insights necessary for advanced remote health monitoring.

  • Advanced remote control of all connected gates
  • Authorise single passages
  • Change lane mode and create pre-set directional modes simultaneously for all gates in a bank
  • Virtual panic button for immediate activation of pre-assigned panic mode
  • Real-time passage, fraud alarm statistics and live health status of all connected lanes
  • In-depth health status of all connected lanes
  • Historical data up to 10 years, detailed logs and in-app notifications with hourly granularity
  • Real-time and historical passage and fraud alarm statistics
  • Remote control and live health status of all connected lanes
  • Number of users: Unlimited
  • Number of connected gates: Unlimited
  • Create pre-set directional modes for all gates in a bank (i.e. bank modes) and activate these effortlessly with a single button.
  • A virtual panic button close at hand allows immediate activation of a predefined panic mode and alarm for a bank of gates.
  • Access historical data of technical alarms (up to 10 years of data) for banks and individual gates with hourly granularity.
  • Access detailed event logs (mode changes, technical alarms, fraud alarms, gate online/offline) for each gate.
  • Receive in-app notifications if critical events (technical alarm, gate online/offline) occur.
  • Identify malfunctioning gates and banks with critically low operability.
  • Access historical passage counts (up to 10 years of data) for banks of gates and individual gates with hourly granularity.
  • Access historical fraud alarm counts (up to 10 years of data) for banks of gates and individual gates with hourly granularity.
  • Invite an unlimited number of users to the system (EntraLinq Starter limited to 5 users).
  • Choose between 5 different user roles (access levels) for each user (EntraLinq Starter limited to 3 user roles).
  • Users can be given different user roles for different banks of gates.
  • Connect an unlimited number of lanes to the system.
EntraLinq EssentialsEntraLinq Plus
Manual Control
Control with Bank Modes
Process Statistics
Live passage counts
Historical passage statistics
Live fraud alarm statistics
Lane status
Live status of lanes and banks
Live technical alarms
Historical technical alarm statistics
Lane event log
Occupany management
Zone occupancy management
User management
User roles35

Gunnebo Bridge

The Gunnebo Bridge is the gateway which securely routes communication between a group of Gunnebo products and the cloud.

Up to 20 lanes can be connected to a single Bridge. The Gunnebo Bridge communicates to its cloud server using a lightweight and robust protocol designed especially for remote IoT communication.

Download the Entralinq App

The EntraLinq app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play for Android or via a Web Browser.

EntraLinq Essentials can be downloaded on a free of charge subscription.  EntraLinq Plus is on an additional charge subscription basis. EntraLinq is suitable for iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads, Tablet and on a Web Browser.