Robust access control for high level site security

Providing the means for people to cook, wash, drink and keep warm is taken for granted by many. Delivering these energy and utility services without interruption means adopting stringent control over who can enter the facilities, while providing ease of access for authorised staff and third parties required to have access where appropriate.

Gunnebo Entrance Control offers a range of solutions which help energy and utility companies ensure they minimise risk around the access to facilities. From robust perimeter gates to high security portals, staff and users alike can enjoy seamless entrance provided efficiently while deterring unauthorised attempts by individuals or groups.


Robust and highly visible security where required

Improves security of vital systems delivering services

Improves workplace safety for all

Deployable at perimeter or section level within the facility

Reduces need for continual monitoring by security staff

Compatible with facilities software solutions for management and control

The right product in the right place

Revolving doors

Revolving doors can provide access to selected areas when the stadium is closed.

Third-party verified EPD for motorised swing-open gates

Speed gates

Speed gates provide fast, efficient access into VIP, hospitality, and restricted areas.


Enable fast ticket checking and safe entry for large crowds.

Security portals

Pods control the passage of accredited personnel only into highly sensitive areas.

Utilities are responsible for providing essential services – and keeping our sensitive data secure. Read how Gunnebo helps one utility comply with their legal duties.


Utility Company

IT Awarded ISO 27001

IT Awarded ISO 27001

Gunnebo Entrance Control has been awarded ISO 27001 Certification, bolstering our commitment to Information...