Intelligent control of visitors and staff

For commercial properties, adopting a means of managing the flow of people in and out of the building which is secure, seamless, stylish and efficient poses a major challenge.

A typical office may be home to one of dozens of businesses. Yet it must handle staff passage  smoothly and without disruption. Visitors must similarly be able to access designate areas with minimal effort. Yet fraudulent access attempts must be identified and deterred quickly and efficiently.

Entrance control within office spaces plays an increasingly vital role in providing seamless access to the workplace and safeguarding staff. It must also do this within the confines of the built environment, delivering services which utilise space efficiently and compliment interiors and branding.

With total quality approach and attention to detail you expect from the leader in entrance control systems, Gunnebo Entrance Control provides innovative solutions for offices looking to transform how they manage access to their property.  Advanced integration into facilities management and access systems makes introduction and management easy and effortless. A long working lifecycle with tailored care plans delivers confidence in operation. And lower energy consumption supports efforts to evolve the sustainability of office environements.


Fast, flexible access control

Controllable from anywhere

Reduced staffing requirements

Happy employees

Minimal footprint

Complementary design

Essential features

One person detection

Controls the passage of one person at a time, preventing unauthorised entry or exit.

Stacking capability

Allows groups to tap and enter as one, without the gate closing in-between.

Card controlled

Employees can manage their own access with authorised entrance cards.

Remote control

Our software solutions enable access settings to be managed from anywhere.

The right product in the right place

Revolving doors

Revolving doors enable the whole building to be closed off in an emergency.

Speed gates

Speed gates control the secure access of staff and visitors through reception.

Entrance gates

Security entrance gates are ideal for buildings where style and design are important.

We have achieved a more uniform, fast and efficient passenger flow while ensuring security.

Jan Skov – Head of Security

Billund Airport

IT Awarded ISO 27001

IT Awarded ISO 27001

Gunnebo Entrance Control has been awarded ISO 27001 Certification, bolstering our commitment to Information...