High security solutions that support military security
strategies around access to assets and information

Defence establishments are rightly focused on ensuring they operate under the strictest security
protocols. With potentially deadly weapons on site, along with highly sensitive information about
military capabilities, the need to robustly protect facilities from attack or intrusion is a major priority.

Gunnebo Entrance Control offers a suite of high security solutions that actively support military security strategies around access to assets and information. From security portals utilising ballistics grade materials to turnstiles and gates, defence establishments can deliver new levels of security and control over the flow of people into their properties.


Strong, high-profile deterrent to intruders

Enforces strict access control policies

Improves security of sensitive and dangerous assets

Can be deployed within specific areas

Compatible with specialist software solutions to manage flow of people

Allows staff more freedom to perform other tasks

The right product in the right place

Revolving doors

Revolving doors enable the whole building to be closed off in an emergency.

Speed gates

Speed gates control the secure access of staff and visitors through reception.

Security portal

Portals control the passage of accredited personnel only into sensitive areas.

Full-height Turnstiles

Full-height turnstiles provide robust control of access deeper into the building.

Front line security is provided by armed staff, with physical barriers in place to ward off attempts to gain entry by force. Multiple layers to check visitor credentials are in place, and access control within the facilities is provided by a combination of cards and in-person approval. 


Defence Establishment

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