AFL Compact

Airport security gate transforming passenger flow with cutting-edge efficiency in a compact design.

The newest compact airport gate is ready to revolutionise airport passenger flow.

Its sleek, space-saving design seamlessly integrates into airport environments, optimising space utilisation while maintaining our usual high security standards. By combining advanced technology with user-friendly features, it streamlines processes at every airport touchpoint, enhancing efficiency and passenger experience. From its compact footprint to its comprehensive security measures, the gate sets a new standard in airport security solutions, ensuring effectiveness and convenience.


International Standards Compliance

AFL-C meets international standards, including UL, CE, EN16005 and EN17352.

Biometric and Over head camera Integration

AFL-C seamlessly integrates with third-party biometric capture devices, offering biometric-ready as well as the option for over head camera detection.

Efficient Passage Management

With its space-saving design and intuitive features, AFL-C ensures fast and efficient passage management, optimising passenger flow and reducing wait times.


Compact design

AFL-C is the ideal solution for implementing a fully automated Pre-Security or Boarding solution in situations where, due to space constraints, standard dimensions gates would not be allowed.

Detection Algorithms

Detection algorithms including single person detection, tailgating detection, wrong way detection and obstruction detection.

Flexible Access Control

The gate boasts adaptability for easy access control by accommodating various reading devices and technologies including BCBP, NFC/RFID, and full passport scanners.

Key specifications

Compact design to optimise floor space and a clear walkway from 600 – 1200mm.
995mm cabiner depth.
Detection algorithms including single person, tailgating, wrong way and obstruction.
Compliant with international standards.
Printer option available.
Flexibility to fit different reading devices / technology. Including BCBP, NFC/RFID and full passport scanner.
Significantly reduced gap between wings and floor to prevent crawl under.
360 degree LED passenger status illuminations.
Scanner LED halos.
10.1″ passenger display showing passage image prompts.
Can be supplied biometric ready working with third party biometric capture devices.
Space saving, fast, intuitive passage management.


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