Metro Tripod Turnstiles

Compact and cost effective

Traditional turnstile technology precision engineered to suit any modern public transport fare collection system.

Effective fare collection

Simple and effective

Classic design with small footprint for indoor or outdoor use

Prevents fare evasion

Photocell and IR sensors prevent unauthorised passage and fraud attempts

Robust and durable

316 grade stainless steel construction for years of reliable use

head mechanism

  • Positive locking action for one passage at a time
  • Self-centering mechanism to ensure complete rotation into the home position
  • Hydraulic damper to ensure smooth operation
  • Anti-backup device to prevent reverse rotation once the mechanism has moved from 60° from home


• LL2001Lite microprocessor control logic
• One input for opening/locking in each direction
• Two protected outputs controlling opening/locking
• Four protected outputs piloting way mode indicators
• Two protected outputs counting passage in either direction
• Two OV output relays indicating availability of use or counting passage in either direction
• Two open collector NPN outputs to count passage or to indicate availability of use in either direction or activate the optional drop arm
• Features a Serial Port – RS485

Power failure / Fire alarm

• Either one or both directions can be fail-safe (standard), i.e. rotates freely, or fail lock, i.e. locks in the home position
• Fire alarm – emergency input. Input facility available for free voltage contact to effect fail-state
• Mechanism fail state will be the same as power failure choice
• Drop arm option: the horizontal arm drops to create passage for evacuation

Key Specifications

High flow rate of up to 40 passages per minute.

Electro-mechanical mechanism increases user safety.

High reliability (More than 10mil MCBF) and stainless steel construction allowing years of reliable use in high traffic areas.

Infill apron option prevents unauthorised passage underneath the cabinet.

Additional detection options to detect crawling underneath tripod arm, jumps over tripod arm, detection of two people passing through the same sector, climbing on to cabinet and false transit attempts.

Drop arm option on power failure and receipt of specific signal allowing the arm to drop and create a passage for evacuation.

Suitable for a wide range of reader devices.

IP44 rated for internal and external use.

Electro mechanical counter option monitoring the number of passages.


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