Fast fare checking and flow control

Metro stations present a demanding environment for entrance control. They provide the ideal means of crowd management, controlling flows in and out of stations. High volumes of passengers require fast and simple access, often in a rush to catch the next train service. They must also present an effective visual deterrent to the prevalence of fraudulent access. Tailgating, piggybacking and other tactics used by fare dodgers to avoid payment need to be detected.

Gunnebo Entrance Control metro gates allow transit operators to provide a seamless access system to passengers while also dealing with the continual issue of fare dodging. Providing a robust defence against unauthorised access with intuitive flow control.


Smoother process management

Improved cost efficiency

Reduced staffing requirements

Happy customers

Reduced fare evasion

Higher passenger safety

Essential features

One person detection

Controls the passage of one person at a time, preventing tailgating.

Multiple ticket types

Passengers can pass by scanning paper tickets, phone screens or travel cards.

Crawl prevention

Gate positioning prevents unauthorised entry under or over the barrier.

Remote control

Our software solutions enable settings to be managed from one control point.

The right product in the right place

Bi-parting gate

Full panel gate

Tri-pod turnstiles

Swing panel gate

Read how Metro Barcelona selected Gunnebo Entrance Control speed gates for a more flexible and remotely manageable approach to access control at their most recent station. 


Metro Barcelona

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