SpeedStile FP Glide

Our newest speed gate with groundbreaking telescopic action

Dynamic LED Angled Design Telescopic Action


Elegant angular design and customisable finishes


Dynamic LED indicator strips guide user flow


Seamless linear panel motion


Telescopic action reduces wide lane footprint by 35%


Sensor arrays prevent fraud and minimise false alarms


Connection to Gunnebo’s Linq remote access platform

The new SpeedStile FP Glide is a gamechanging speed gate, with improved detection accuracy, and wide lane option featuring our new unique telescopic slide mechanism that reduces widelane footprint by 35%

The groundbreaking telescopic gate action enables the same unit to control wide and narrow lanes, enabling the installation of more gates and a uniform, sleek aesthetic.

The elegant, angled design serves the critical purpose of shepherding users safely into the appropriate gate. Dynamic LED lighting senses their approach, indicates where to present their pass and guides them through.

This intuitive user experience is backed up by advanced fraud detection, which uses sensor arrays at waist and ankle levels to distinguish humans from other objects, such as bags, helping to minimise false alarms.

With enhanced crawl proofing and climb detection, the SpeedStile FP Glide presents an effective visual deterrent while blending seamlessly into its environment.

Balancing Speed, Security and Design

Intuitive user experience

Shape and lighting guide users safely and effortlessly on their way

Minimal footprint even for wide lanes

Telescopic gate action enables same unit for wide and narrow lanes

Customisable appearance

Choice of finishes to blend seamlessly with your environment

Key Specifications

Wide and narrow lane widths catered for by the same cabinet.

Well proven fraud detection algorithms with the ability to detect unauthorised users and attempt to stop them.
Suitable for a wide range of reader devices.
Climb on and over detection option.
Bi-directional passage allows the gate to be used for entry and exit.
Different heights of glass available to provide increased security with high glass if required.

Sleek and transparent angled design made of glass and black powder coated steel.

Intuitive LED lighting indicates lane status and aids usability.

Customisable materials and finishes. E.g. Aluminium, Stainless Steel top lids. As well as powder coated finish.


The SpeedStile FP Glide Webinar