The Arrival of Smart Gates and Remote Connectivity apps

Mar 10, 2022 | BLOG

EntraLinq – the innovative remote monitoring app for smart access control has landed; changing the way that

Digital first

In a modern world, we are moving deeper and deeper into a digital first society. As we have often heard, “there’s an app for that”. Our smartphones replace our keys, tickets, money, and much more besides, and this is changing the way we live and work.

Physical keys, cards and the like are becoming redundant, as technology, convenience, and efficiency navigate the path to a connected and technologically advanced way forward.

Innovation has been occurring at a speedy rate, with more tech advances happening than ever before. We are now experiencing a world in which remote working has become normal and time and space constructs are not as linear and defined as they once were.

Smart access control beyond our location

Personal mobility has been on the rise in recent years, enabling professionals to work effectively away from spaces where traditionally, one had to be in the immediate vicinity to get the job done.

This is echoed in the premise of remote control and monitoring apps for entrance solutions such as EntraLinq, where Gunnebo have made it possible that in order to control, change and optimize your security gates, you don’t even need to be onsite.

Wirelessly connected to the cloud, EntraLinq frees up admins from being bound to location limits, so they can operate their gate security on the fly and on the move.

Customize and optimize

We now have the possibility of making temporary or permanent adjustments to our physical security all from a remote location, using only the push of a button on our smartphones. The freedom to customize security parameters in order to optimize the workplace is now available and operational.

With the assistance of statistical reports generated from data gathered from usage, smart access control can present easy to read graphs automatically for management.

This provides visual identification of where resources are best spent, and how to react to usage in order to optimize security at the entrance of the building.

With the insight gathered from alerts and reports via such remote apps as EntraLinq , preventative maintenance can be taken ahead of time, which can assist engineers and maintenance personnel to circumvent the pressure of time on the traditional methods of machine continuity, ensuring uptime remains high with optimal running activity.

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