Securing the New Hybrid-Office Environment

Feb 22, 2024 | BLOG

Securing the New Hybrid-Office Environment

The workplace landscape is changing, with hybrid work emerging as the clear winner. We highlight the need for offices to adapt their entrance control to meet these evolving demands.

Statistics reveal a significant shift in office attendance, with only 42% of people working in the office full-time in the second quarter of 2023, down from 49% in the first quarter.

Hybrid Office Design

As companies embrace hybrid policies and physical working practices, the need for flexible and efficient security measures is increasingly important.

Hybrid work models have highlighted requirements for remote support. In response, organisations across industries are leveraging remote access and collaboration tools to bridge the gap and support new ways of working.

This digital transformation also brings new challenges for IT and security teams, as they strive to protect company infrastructure and clients from physical and cyber threats.

In response to the fluid nature of office access, a sophisticated entrance control solution is essential to enhance employee and visitor safety and security.

The Need for Advanced Entrance Control Security

Office design has evolved beyond functional and decorative elements to encompass overall experience, well-being, and sustainability. From a security perspective, success lies in creating a robust plan that can adapt and evolve as office sites grow and change.

Key considerations include integrating entrance and access control measures, both physical and digital, to limit entry to authorised personnel at any given time throughout a site. Touchless access control systems, leveraging mobile credentials, ensure seamless, efficient, and personalised operations, enhancing employee confidence and safety.

Entrance Control Technology and Visitor Management

Entrance control technology plays a pivotal role in accommodating the evolving needs of both employees and organisations in the new hybrid working environment. Flexible hours and multi-tenant buildings also necessitate access control solutions that can assign new access rights, change permissions, and manage exceptions seamlessly.

Introducing SpeedStile FP Glide

Gunnebo introduces SpeedStile FP Glide, a cutting-edge entrance control solution designed to address the unique challenges of the hybrid workplace. With features like fast-operating bi-directional passage systems and smooth sliding doors, SpeedStile FP Glide ensures real-time fraud prevention and unauthorised access detection. 

Future-Proof Office Security Design

As office managers navigate the complexities of the hybrid workplace, future-proof security solutions like SpeedStile FP Glide play a crucial role in ensuring employee and visitor safety while maintaining a positive and inviting office environment. Supported by dedicated service experts and advanced technology, SpeedStile FP Glide stands ready to meet the evolving demands of the hybrid-office environment.

By embracing advanced entrance control solutions, organisations can enhance security, optimise workspace utilisation, and adapt to the changing dynamics of the hybrid workplace with confidence and peace of mind.


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