Utility Company

Utilities are one of the most critical parts of a nation’s infrastructure. Gunnebo Entrance Control helps them stay resilient, safe places

Utilities are responsible for providing essential services – and keeping our sensitive data secure. Read how Gunnebo helps one utility comply with their legal duties.


Delivering essential services, and holding a vast amount of personal data, is at the core of any utility’s operations. For this client, staff are responsible for not just providing energy for lighting, heating and cooking, but also ensuring people’s ability to pay for their usage while protecting some of the most vulnerable in society can stay warm and in some comfort. To undertake their role, security of systems must remain high. But it cannot come at the cost of impeding staff mobility and safety too.

To support their access control policies, Gunnebo Entrance Control were asked to provide our GlasStile solution for the finance area of their main administration area. This section of their facility houses highly sensitive digital and paper records for over three million customers. Access is naturally restricted, but the flow of authorized staff remains high thanks to careful integration of GlasStile with existing access control technology. As a result, the company can concentrate on providing a prompt service both internally and to customers with less risk of their confidential data being improperly accessed.


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