University of Houston Library

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  • University of Houston
  • Houston, Texas
  • Entrance Control
  • Gunnebo SpeedStile

Read about Gunnebo Entrance Control at work in University of Houston’s Library


The recent renovations to University of Houston’s MD Library include 7 lanes of Gunnebo’s full-height SpeedStile FP, a key element in the University’s ongoing commitment to student, faculty, and staff safety on campus.


With these renovations, the university needed to provide an environment that safeguards staff and students and secures the facility from unauthorized access, creating a safe haven for learning and study. To ensure this safety, the library needed an advanced credentialing process, one that efficiently manages access privileges for thousands of active card users while prohibiting tail-gaiting and other unauthorized entry.


The client chose Gunnebo’s SpeedStile FP for its robust yet elegant construction, low life-cycle maintenance, product longevity, and strong reputation in the Houston market. Gunnebo addressed the multi-layered security concerns of the campus library by seamlessly integrating the existing credentialing technology with the full-height SpeedStile FP and adding additional security technology to accommodate the university’s campus-wide migration to a more secure communication protocol and increased data authentication procedures.


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