A cruise is for many people a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s a chance to spend time away with literally everything taken care of. With all the food, drink, entertainment and amenities you could want in one place, it can be the most relaxing way to spend your time visiting the farthest corners of the world.

For cruise operators, offering a dream escape begins from the moment passengers begin to arrive at their terminal. And with the potential need to process several thousand travellers and staff quickly, the dream of an enchanting experience can’t be marred by a difficult embarkation.


Our client, a prestigious cruise operator, wanted to ensure they continued to provide the very best experience to their passengers while maintaining the highest levels of security.

With a high footfall through their terminal, it was critical they could implement an entrance control solution which supported their need for maximum safety. But it would also need to provide smooth, seamless flow, reducing inevitable bottlenecks at given times of the day.


The client opted for PreSec automated pre-security gates from Gunnebo Entrance Control to help them effectively manage their passenger volumes. When they reach the gates, each passenger can scan their boarding passes themselves before proceeding onwards.

PreSec gates can be configured to read details of a printed or digital pass. If the information is correct, the passenger can move forwards, with their details updated in the cruise manifest. The solution also included a wide-aisle gate which could be manually operated for wheelchair users. This combination of gates allows the operator to provide a flexible service without typing up resources during the embarkation process.

Customer comments

“We have found the solution from Gunnebo Entrance Control to be an excellent way to welcome our passengers and staff in a secure and convenient manner.”

“The relationship we have with Gunnebo Entrance Control has been central to the project. The professional advice and support we have had at every step has meant we could quickly find the best way to deploy the PreSec gates, and ensure we had a design which fitted in with the terminal environment.”

“In operation, the gates have proved to give us fast throughput. Our passengers have more time to relax and enjoy our service before they embark. The previous issue with bottlenecks has disappeared, and arrivals do not have the stress and worry from before, while also receiving an even better welcome and assistance from our staff.”

We have found the solution from Gunnebo Entrance Control to be an excellent way to welcome our passengers and staff in a secure and convenient manner.

Customer comments


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