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Read how Metro Barcelona selected Gunnebo Entrance Control speed gates for a more flexible and remotely manageable approach to access control at their most recent station. 


Metro Barcelona enhances Passenger security with advanced entrance control

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona has a long-standing relationship with Gunnebo Entrance Control since 2000, when Metro Barcelona specified Gunnebo  at their Badal station, close to FC Barcelona. Other, busy stations such as Plaça Catalunya, 

Within the Ernest Lluch station, Metro Barcelona decided to upgrade from traditional turnstiles to sliding doors. “When we decided to change the turnstiles to sliding doors, we wanted to achieve four main goals.”, said Jordi Picas, Director of Network Systems for Metro Barcelona. “Number one was to improve accessibility for our customers, especially for those with reduced mobility. The second goals was to give security, especially in fare collection to reduce fraud. The third objective was to give the station a modern image. And the fourth was to improve the flow of people at the entrances of the station, especially in the hours when people want to use public transport.”


They selected the full panel doors with sliding glass panels as they provide easy access, especially for people with reduced mobility, and are effective against fraudulent access attempts. They also provide vital flexibility to allow for changes in traffic volumes and flows with an intelligent system managed remotely. The solutions also collects data about fares for detailed analysis by the operator.

For passengers, the flexibility and accommodation that the new gates provide makes it easier for them to enter and leave the platform concours area.   For Metro Barcelona, Gunnebo Entrance Control has delivered vital support in improving operational security, reduced fares fraud, increased traffic flow performance at peak times.

We are reaching a maximum of 8.5 million passengers per week, that means 1.5million per day.

Jordi Picas, Director of Network Systems


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