Learn about how one Government uses Gunnebo Entrance Control to improve safety and security for staff in their busy offices. 

Local Government delivers improved security and safety for sensitive information and their staff.


Serving the needs of nearly a million citizens in the region, this Government office is home to just under a thousand staff, all working hard to provide essential services to the local population. And, with the offices containing sensitive personal information along with valued assets, it is a site which demands high levels of security while remaining open and available to people looking for at times urgent help and assistance. 

To help maintain a delicate balance between effective security, safety for staff and accessibility for visitors, Gunnebo Entrance Control were selected to provide the SpeedStile entrance gate solution. This was installed featuring full height glass panels and configured to operate in conjunction with the facility’s access control system, allowing staff to move from public to private areas quickly and efficiently. SpeedStile’s robust yet quality-focused design was a stylish fit with the local environment, providing the perception of security without being overbearing.

With the solution in place, staff working in the offices have experienced a sharp reduction in physical threats and violence, while property and asset theft has also gone down.


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