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Microsoft Balances Security with Design
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A smooth and efficient entrance control solution which meets both security and design expectations for Microsoft Denmark.


Microsoft’s Danish headquarters are located in Lyngby near Copenhagen and are home to around about 900 employees within sales and development.

The offices are built for flexibility. There are fewer desks than employees but plenty of meeting rooms and communal areas. The goal is to encourage collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Henning Larsen Architects designed the building in an elegant Nordic style with high ceilings and a light, airy feel created by the use of white walls, glass and light woods.


The entrance to Microsoft’s Danish head office is in a large open-plan dining area with a public coffee shop and staircases leading to the floors above. An effective entrance solution was therefore crucial to ensure that non-public zones remained secure and accessible only by those with authorised access.

In addition the solution had to be discreet and in keeping with the overall open and airy architectural design of the building.

The Gunnebo Entrance Control Solution

Gunnebo Entrance Control provided a solution that fulfilled the requirements from both a security and a design perspective.

Now employees pass through Gunnebo SpeedStiles every day. The speed gates open and close quickly, quietly and efficiently which ensures a smooth flow of people, even at the busiest times. On Microsoft’s request, the SpeedStiles require identification on the way in, but allow free passage on the way out.

For large packages or deliveries on pallets which have to get to the canteen, Gunnebo has installed an alternative entrance solution – a double-door GlasStile mounted on rotating columns.

Around the reception area, Microsoft also asked Gunnebo to install a series of glass panel barriers to prevent visitors bypassing the SpeedStile entrance gate to get to the stairs.


Employees, guests and goods move smoothly through the entrance systems hassle-free and without the formation of queues.

The slim speed gates have proven ideal for staff and guests alike. For the client, it is an entrance control solution which meets both its security and design expectations.

Customer Benefits


  • A secure entrance control solutions which operates quickly and efficiently

  • Smooth flow of people, even at the busiest times

  • Hassle-free and without the formation of queues

  • Complies with security mandates and meets design expectations


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