Empire State Building Observatory Entrance

  • Empire State Building
  • New York City
  • Entrance Control
  • Gunnebo SpeedGates and Turnstile

Keeping people flowing safely at one of the world’s iconic skyscapers


When the iconic Empire State Building in New York City unveiled a newly designed entrance for their Observation Deck attraction, Gunnebo was chosen to provide a secure entrance solution for the thousands of daily visitors that arrive each day seeking breathtaking views of the city.


Working closely with the building owner Empire State Realty Trust and the technology integration team, Gunnebo delivered five lanes of highly customized OptiStile 720 Speed Gates, along with three lanes of custom SlimStile SE tripod turnstiles. Both turnstile designs needed to incorporate peripheral technology products that the building wanted integrated to the turnstiles at the new entrance, including barcode scanners, LCD Touch Screens, Gateway biscuit PCs, hand-held scanners, locked access panels, and custom pamphlet holders.

The highly customized OptiStile 720 turnstile was designed with completely custom dimensions at 10” (25cm) wide and 60” (152cm) in length to accommodate the peripherals and added security and safety that would be involved in processing the 4 million visitors each year. The custom SlimStile SE turnstiles incorporated many of the same peripherals, and the tripod casework was custom fabricated to match the design aesthetic of the OptiStile 720.


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