Detention Centre 

Learn how one Government uses Gunnebo Entrance Control to improve safety and security for staff in their busy offices. 


Taking individuals into custody, sometimes for an extended period, can present serious challenges for the authorities. The safety and wellbeing of the detainee, along with staff and visitors, is paramount. As part of this regime, the facilities in this detention centre are zoned and segregated to provide safe spaces for both those incarcerated and the staff supporting them. But how can those in detention be kept effectively secured away from the public – and at times each other – while also providing them with some freedom of movement and allowing access for staff?

This was resolved for this detention centre by installing Gunnebo RotaTech full-height turnstiles at sensitive points within the grounds. Detainees can be transported into the facility and to group and isolated exercise areas, with a design that shrugs off even the most determined assault. For staff, access around the areas is fast and seamless using the integrated access control system, giving them the ability to reach detainees or get to safety when required in emergencies. 

As a result of the high security turnstiles provided by Gunnebo Entrance Control, incidents of detainees and staff being injured have dropped sharply. 


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