Defence Establishment

Defence establishment demand the very highest levels of security. Here’s how Gunnebo Entrance Control steps up to the mark 


As the site for some of the nation’s most sensitive military secrets, this establishment is understandably a highly secure area. Front line security is provided by armed staff, with physical barriers in place to ward off attempts to gain entry by force. Multiple layers to check visitor credentials are in place, and access control within the facilities is provided by a combination of cards and in-person approval. 

For common transit areas, where people flow is higher yet security needs to remain high, bottlenecks would become commonplace as identification was needed to be inspected before passage was granted. To resolve this, HiSec² from Gunnebo Entrance Control provides a highly effective security barrier, affixed within the front aspect of the building and configured with ballistic grades glazing for maximum deterrent against attack. With HiSec², access control policies are strongly supported while also giving staff and visitors faster passage, with swift preliminary acceptance of identification ahead of detailed checks.


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