Chicagoland Higher Education

Campus Networks


Working closely with our Midwest Integrators, Gunnebo has multiple successful campus installations. We’ve been fortunate to partner with several higher education campuses to provide entrance control turnstiles.


Many campus building entrances uses anti-theft detection systems, in addition to entrance security turnstiles. The anti-theft detection systems cause havoc to any other electronic device within range, and interfere with the turnstile functionality. Gunnebo was asked to provide a solution to this issue, to enable a complete entrance security system at busy campus building entrances.


Gunnebo solved this problem without the high cost of removing equipment or modifying programs. We insulated the electronics inside the turnstile pedestals from being interfered with by the detection systems, creating an impenetrable enclosure so no outside magnetic waves or frequencies could cause any more problems. Success.

There’s a reason we keep buying Gunnebo and it’s not because I love you. Your product works and if we need help or a part, it’s not coming from overseas. When I call you, you answer your phone. These are the most important things to me.

Chicagoland Higher Education Facilities Manager


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