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An office complex close to the busy World Trade Centre site in New York wanted to improve support of their tenants’ access control policies. Here’s how Gunnebo Entrance Control answered their needs.


New building ownership brings together a top tier project team to modernize the lobby and introduce an entrance control turnstile system to a commercial office building located just around the corner from the newly rebuilt World Trade Center site.


Create a modern, fast, secure entrance control system using the latest in access control technologies. Provide tenants and visitors to the building with an efficient, convenient, and seamless way to enter and exit the modernized building lobby.


Six Lanes of OptiStile 220 series turnstiles were installed featuring customized wood cladding material, elevator destination dispatch screens, a facial recognition camera system as well as a smartphone based visitor management system. Lanes were delivered to site in a tight project time frame and installed in a high quality manner by a leading New York City security systems integrator.


“Having had previous successful installations with Gunnebo on other lobby renovation projects, when we acquired this new property and turnstiles were a requirement, we once again turned to our trusted partner Gunnebo for their reliable entrance control solutions.    In a tight project time frame, with some complicated integrations and customized finishes from suppliers local to the project, Gunnebo delivered as promised and were responsive and easy to deal with throughout design and construction.”  – Project Manager, Building Ownership Group

Gunnebo delivered as promised and were responsive and easy to deal with throughout design and construction.

Project Manager, Building Ownership Group


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