Billbergia Sports Centre

Automating guest access via integrated speed gates


With a desire to be a top tier, technologically advanced indoor sporting centre, Billbergia have implemented Speed Gates at the entrance of their brand-new facility. Integrated with their membership CRM, allowing for automated access for members. 

Billbergia Sports Centre is an indoor sporting venue, located in Camellia NSW. This brand new, state-of-the-art facility opened September 2022, 12 months in the making. Billbergia Sports Centre, as the name suggests, is a venue which hosts multiple styles of sport within an indoor setting, available to members of the organization. 


The criteria when selecting an Entrance Control solution were clear – the Entrance Gates needed to be fit for purpose, be aesthetically pleasing, cutting edge technology that would not outdate quickly, provide an impressive first point of entry, change the vision of indoor sport centres, operate quickly, easy to use, integrate with the current membership CRM and lastly, didn’t break budget. Billbergia Sports Centre had a clear vision of the level of sophistication they wanted their solution to bring to their facility and reviewed a large variety of Entrance Control solutions to deem which would best suit their needs.

With such a lengthy criteria for the solution, the product selected needed to have a wide range of capabilities, the main being that the gates integrated with Multisport’s membership system – and the Gunnebo equipment did just that. Selected as the solution for the Billbergia Sports Centre was the Gunnebo SpeedStile FLs 1200 EV Entrance Gates, with 1200mm high glass. This particular speed gate combines sophisticated design with the best technology available, making it suitable for areas where aesthetic values, excessive flow, maximum reliability and uncompromised security are in high demand – just as they were at Billbergia.


Since the installation of the SpeedStile FLs Entrance Gates, Billbergia Sports Centre has opened it’s doors and seen thousands visit the facility thus far. Being a brand-new build, the comparison for pre-install and post-install is un-measurable, however the Entrance Gates are doing all that was set out for the solution. “They are part of our aesthetics, our business and our building” explains Venue Manager Daniel. “The gates are something we are proud of as they elevate our entire facility entrance.”

Customer Benefits


  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Visually appealing venue entrance
  • Speedy self-accessible entrance control
  • Real time visibility of patrons accessing the venue
  • Increased security
  • Advancing the venues technology position within the marketplace

I never imagined that Entrance Gates would cause such pride for the facility, but I am so glad they do. We are proud of the entire facility but especially the foyer as it truly demonstrates what we were trying to achieve for the indoor sporting community.

Daniel Gatt, Venue Manager


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