Setting the standard with its unparalleled user-friendliness and convenience

QPay range ensures reliable access control, effectively curbing vandalism and misuse of facilities while preventing unauthorised entry and unpaid access.

The QPay solution sets the standard with its unparalleled user-friendliness and convenience for visitors, coupled with self-service capabilities that slash operational expenses for facility operators.

Tailored for locations with moderate to high visitor traffic like gas stations, shopping centers, and public transport hubs, QPay is perfect for managing access to toilets and public conveniences.


SpeedStile FL QPay

Gunnebo Entrance Control’s premium paid access solution is designed for areas with high customer traffic. Built on advanced speed-gate technology and an intuitive payment system, it accelerates and simplifies the purchasing process while offering a higher level of security.

With the growing demand for easy and convenient paid access control, SpeedStile FL QPay provides a smooth, user-friendly interface compatible with multiple payment methods.

High-precision optical sensors and quick-reacting glass barriers prevent unauthorised access, detecting climb-over and tailgating attempts by alarming.

SlimStile QPay

SlimStile QPay is an automated turnstile with an integrated payment terminal. Manufactured for durability the solution is a reliable and secure solution for paid access.

A turnstile allows access for one person at a time once payment has been made. Optional high-precision sensors can be integrated into the cabinet to detect attempts to crawl over or under the turnstile arms.

The user-friendly terminal design and intuitive display interface make the paying process fast and convenient. As contactless payments become increasingly popular compared to traditional methods, this option is available in addition to the standard coin validator. Additionally, a QR code and barcode scanner along with a token validator, are also offered.

QPay Door

The QPay Door terminal, complemented by the Validus Scan reader, is a compact and space-saving paid access solution. To address space constraints, QPay Door is available in wall-mounted and flush-mounted versions, providing flexibility for different installation environments.

The high-contrast color display offers intuitive user guidance through a minimalist and thoughtfully designed interface, making the purchase process straightforward for faster access.

QPay Mini

The QPay mini payment solution offers a compact and efficient paid entry system. This barrier-free, economical solution ensures a high return on investment. Featuring a contactless card, it combines paid access security with convenience.


User Experience

The seamless and easy to understand navigation enhances user experience and encourages usage.


Ensures long-lasting performance, reducing maintenance costs and providing reliable paid access for your premises over time.

Return On Investment

Enhance security and efficiency but also to deliver return on investment, ensuring that the initial cost yields long-term profitability and value for the facility.


Paid Access

Generate revenue streams through paid access, offsetting initial investment costs and turning the access control system into a profit centre for the facility.

Scalable and Versatile

Options for where space is limited including a mini version as well as a waist-height arm turnstile.

Modular Design

QPay can be optionally equipped with build-in thermal printer for receipt, alternatively voucher printing. QPay is available in unipod or tripod versions as well as right-hand or left-hand design to fit your installation site.

Key specifications

Multiple ticketing and payment options.

Solid construction of patented MDD motor guarantees 10 million MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failure).

Highly secure and durable solution.

User-friendly product design and smooth, understandable navigation.

Advanced terminal management.

RFID reader for an employee access and financial reports preview.


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