SpeedStile FL Bike & FL Bike Outdoor

Ultimate Bike Security: Weather-Resistant Speed Gate with Advanced Protection

SpeedStile FL Bike is a speed gate designed for smooth transit with a bicycle. It features an induction loop system that accurately detects bicycles and scooters, ensuring the safety of users by preventing collisions with the glass wings.

An outdoor version is available offering the same reliable access control features and bicycle detection in external environments. Optional RFID tagging allows the pairing of Personal ID and Bike ID. This system permits passage when both IDs are confirmed. Note that a third-party system and special integration are required for this feature. The SpeedStile FL Bike is the ideal solution for safeguarding your space as well as bicycles in parking areas, offering peace of mind and security!


Peace of Mind

SpeedStile FL Bike is designed to be exceptionally durable and you can trust in enhanced security and seamless operation, safeguarding your premises with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Detection Algorithms

Sensors to swiftly identify frauds and misuse. These algorithms minimise the risk of unauthorised access and fraudulent activities.

User Experience

Effective detection enables seamless bike transit through the gate, enhancing user experience by providing effortless access and convenience for cyclists.


SpeedStile FL Bike Outdoor

Outdoor Installation

Offers full outdoor installation capability, eliminating the need for a roof and ensuring reliable access control in diverse weather conditions.

Seamless Integration

Capability to seamlessly integrate a range of access control devices.

Vandal Proof

Optional Heavy Duty wings, providing a vandal-proof solution that ensures enhanced durability and security, ideal for high-traffic environments or areas prone to potential tampering or damage.

Key specifications

Detection algorithms of 36 pairs of optical sensors guarantee swift identification and alarming in cases of fraudulent activity or misuse.
Optical sensors in 2 horizontal lanes for detection of low objects in passage zone.
Wheelchair detection optimises the user experience for people in wheelchairs.

Mean Cycles Between Failure (MCBF) rating of 30 million cycles, ensuring exceptional durability for reliable performance over extended periods.

Featuring an external tooth brake mechanism for a robust hard lock.
High transparency with minimal visual impact on the surrounding area.
Bike detection plate to ensure smooth, secure access


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