Gunnebo Entrance Control’s Vision for Safety in Sports Stadia

Jan 22, 2024 | BLOG

Securing the Future: Gunnebo Entrance Control’s Vision for Safety in Sports Stadia.

In the dynamic world of sports stadiums, the challenge of balancing safety and spectacle has never been more critical.

Gunnebo Entrance Control focuses on the intersection of style, design, and experience expectations of modern sports stadiums in a new white paper. It delves into the necessity of redefining the standards of security and entrance control management to meet the complexities of the sector head-on.

Setting the Scene

FIFA recently emphasised the need for a delicate balance between anticipation, good management, and well-designed infrastructure to achieve safety and security in a sports stadium. This considers the evolving landscape of security threats, staff shortages, and the imperative to enhance the overall fan experience.

Stadium operators today, whether hosting a sporting event or a megastar concert, are confronted with the stark reality of both large and small-scale security threats.

The lessons learned from previous experiences underscore the need to ensure the safety and security of public spaces, catering to the thousands of spectators in attendance. This urgency is further intensified by the prevalent issues of staff shortages and deteriorating spectator behaviour, described as “much worse than 10 years ago.”

In the face of these challenges, there is an increased reliance on technology to prevent and mitigate security incidents.

Gunnebo’s approach proposes security must begin from the perimeter protection and work inwards towards the entrance control. This strategy aligns with integrated solutions, including visual surveillance systems, to offer the ultimate peaceful and safe experience for both staff and visitors.

Real-Time Entrance Control: A Proactive Approach to Security
The paper emphasises the importance of real-time entrance control systems in providing a proactive approach to security. Instead of reacting to incidents as they unfold, these systems offer operators the ability to identify potential issues before they escalate. This not only enhances security but also streamlines response mechanisms.

Seamless and Stylish Entrance Control: The Future-Ready Approach
Gunnebo advocates for a seamless and stylish entrance control experience that incorporates pre-registration checks, contactless check-ins, and real-time communication using the latest biometric technology. This not only promotes operational efficiency but also aligns with modern preferences for convenience and touch-free interactions.

Future of Stadium Security: Embracing Innovation
As the white paper looks towards the future, the integration of advanced entrance control solutions becomes increasingly important. The landscape of stadium security is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements, changing security threats, and a focus on enhancing the fan experience. The future demands a proactive and technologically advanced approach to ensure the safety and well-being of spectators.

A Harmonious Blend of Safety and Spectacle
As sports stadiums continue to evolve into multifaceted entertainment hubs, entrance control emerges as a strategic tool that goes beyond mere access regulation. It contributes to creating an environment where fans can enjoy the game or event with confidence and complete peace of mind, reinforcing the global significance of entrance control in the context of modern sports stadiums.


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