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SpeedStile FLs

Fast, streamlined entrance control

Swing opening speed gates with a slim, elegant design and minimal footprint

image image image image

Balancing Speed, Security and Design

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-066
    Fast & Efficient

    Allows continuous passage of up to 40 people per minute

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-069
    Safe & Secure

    Unique detection algorithm prevents fraudulent entry with greater user safety

  • Gunnebo-icon-M-014
    Highly Customisable

    Available in 4 models with various length, height and colour options

Freedom of Movement

Ensuring the safety of your staff and visitors to your building doesn’t need to restrict their freedom of movement. The SpeedStile FLs forms a seamless and fluid barrier that enables a fast and steady flow of people through your entrance, without compromising your security.

Our unique detection system, accurately tracks the passage of a single authorised user and effectively prevents fraudulent or unauthorised entry by a second party. The ergonomic design of the SpeedStile FLs provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience that maintains the flow of people due to numerous smart features.

User-friendly Design

The transparent design preserves natural light and reduces the perceived barrier effect, while the gate panels swing open in the direction of passage creating a welcome gesture.

This creates harmony with the surrounding environment, increases acceptance from users, reduces hesitation and maintains steady flow rates.

Minimal Footprint

Quiet and smooth in operation, the ideal choice for sites where limited space is available and aesthetics are of high importance.

Available in the BA model with square-ends or in the EV model with round-ends, both with a selection of cabinet lengths and flap leaf widths, top lid materials, finishes and options.

Stylish and Flexible

Our SpeedStile DS series (Designer Speedgate) offers exciting new materials, a selection of finishes and lighting effects. 

A stylish and flexible new  design, adaptable to match any aesthetic requirements, while still retaining high level security features.

Advanced Detection

SpeedGate-Drawings-003 Tailgating attempts where there is a safe gap between users will be blocked by the fast closing response of the doors, while entry will be refused to both parties when users are too close to each other to allow safe passage.
SpeedGate-Drawings-004 Wrong way detection prevents the gate opening when a user approaches from the secure side and intrusion detection prevent doors opening on to users in the safety zone
I would recommend Gunnebo Speedstiles – they create security for staff and customers alike

Mats Larsson, Managing Director, ICA Maxi Lindhagen


Key Specifications

  • Passageway: Standard 600mm, Wide 900mm. Combi–centre cabinet with combination of 600mm passageway and 900mm passageway
  • Standard Finishes BA Model: Black technopolymer lid
  • Standard Finishes EV Model: Black technopolymer lid
  • Standard Finishes DS Model: Elliptic Top Lid - applied finish
  • Safety Kit: Light curtain
  • Integration: Card reader
  • Toughened Glass: Clear acrylic (only BA and EV models)
  • Control Systems: Remote


  • Dimension Cabinet Length: 1.2m (only for BA and EV models), 1.4m (only for BA and EV models), 1.8m
  • Options: Alternative finishes and material (BA and EV models), DS series finishes and materials