Gunnebo Entrance Control

Creating a safer future

Welcoming you to a stadium ahead of a big event. Keeping you safe at an airport while you walk to your flight. Safeguarding your valuable information in a datacentre. Protecting the vulnerable in hospitals. And upholding staff security in the workplace.

Around the world, Gunnebo Entrance Control is the name found on turnstiles, speed gates, revolving doors, and security booths in the most demanding of applications. Wherever you need innovation, quality, and style, you can be assured we are the world’s leading specialist in entrance control solutions. Our advanced barriers and detection systems help you to manage the flow of people, keep them safe, and support security policies.

Through our global network of manufacturing locations, we provide a range of entrance control solutions that set the benchmark for others. A focus on quality for effortless operation that lasts for years. A design flair that lifts your lobby or gateway via a custom-stylish appearance which welcomes visitors. And innovation that brings speed, flexibility and integration with your existing identification and access control systems.

For a safer world, make it Gunnebo Entrance Control.


Employees Worldwide

Gunnebo Entrance Control invests in the best staff in your industry and region. And our constant programme of training and education keeps them at the forefront of the industry.


Customer Sectors

From airports to military bases, Gunnebo Entrance Control  supports access and security policies in a wide range of businesses around the world. Keeping you safe wherever you may be.


Production Sites

From the USA to Europe and China, Gunnebo Entrance Control has a manufacturing presence in each continent. Giving you local access to solutions and support for safer, stronger security.


Global Locations

Our extensive network of offices, staffed by experienced technical professionals, cover  all seven continents. So no matter where you are, Gunnebo Entrance Control is nearby.

Transforming the user journey

A gate or turnstile is more than a simple barrier. It is a threshold to new experiences, opportunities and memories. Their passage symbolises the start of a journey. We are committed to making that experience easier, smoother, and more integrated. Transforming the movement of people into an efficient welcome to their future.

Safer, fully connected passage

The era of interconnectivity is here. Gunnebo Entrance Control solutions can be integrated with facilities management and access control applications to augment your security policies. And with the opton of our EntraLinq app, you can discover new levels of flexibility and control of the flow of people – from any location with any device.

A sustainable approach to safety and security

Creating, delivering and supporting sustainable entrance control is at the heart of our solutions. Our commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, and active promotion of diversity such as a target of 30% of the under-represented gender at management level, demonstrates our determination to lead the way in standards and practices to benefit people, the environment and society.

Our values


Our Performance helps us achieve the expected results.
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It boils down to acting; to doing things and delivering on our commitments. When change is needed, we accept it and find solutions to bring the business back on track while taking accountability for our actions.

We’re competent in our roles and aim to satisfy our internal and external customers by delivering precise, quick, high quality work.


Our Teamwork ensures outstanding results.
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We practise open communication and we’re willing to help and support when needed.

Feedback is crucial to employee development. As an international company, cross-border cooperation is an integral part of our culture.


Our Attitude is the foundation of our culture…

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… and the basis for building a stronger Gunnebo. We show integrity in everything we do; we live by our Code of Conduct.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. We show empathy by listening to everyone. We’re passionate about everything we do and we never give up.


Our Mindset is what defines our future as a company.
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As a change agent we stay ahead of competition and focus on continuous improvement.

Through continuous learning we become better at what we do every day. We’re quick to adapt to new situations.

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